Welcome to the August Joy Designs PAINT CLUB!

 Lauren Webb
This paint club is for professional painters, DIYers, and overall creatives. Ultimately, I want every creative of every skill level to feel welcomed and inspired here. I want you to create what feels right to you but with a little guidance.
"Let's Create"
If you have a local craft store such as Michaels go and sign up for their rewards program you will get coupons and special offers. I will purchase the bulk of my supplies and tools from stores like Home Depo, Michaels (my fav), Hobby Lobby, Thrift Stores (furniture pieces), and Yard Sales. Please! Please! Please! thrift shop for the furniture pieces. You can find used coffee tables for as low as $20 at your local thrift or a neighborhood yard sale. 
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Paint Project
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Every month will include (each month will be a differnt paint project and FUN):
What Brushes to use....
What Metallic Paints or Glazes to use...
What Sealers/Waxs to use...
Tips and much more.....
After you have subscribed you will be added to the August Joy Designs Paint Club Group!  On Facebook. We will guide you and answer all of your questions.
Demontration Video
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You will join all of us in our private group to ask questions, post your pretty pictures or be inspired by others! You will be added to The AJD Paint  Club after you have signed up

Every month You will also receive a full tutorial from Lauren on how to achieve the themed project for each month! A demo video will be posted in the Facebook Group Page! Please feel free to also post your poject progress and finsihed projects.