August Joy Designs
 Interior Art & Styling

Lauren is a Pittsburgh based Artist and Designer, who prides herself on her diverse portfolio, including e-design projects and creating unique interior art in the residential and business sectors. She believes that building strong client relationships is incredibly important and she works closely with her clients to engender complete trust.
She will listen to your vision and do everything in her power to create it exactly as you see it.  She can work to strict deadlines or take on longer term projects that involve deeper thought.
Contact her today to discuss your vision, arrnage a meeting or get a quote.

Designer Statement

"Interior Decorating is my passion and I love working with my clients to help them make their home and lives more beautiful. I strive to make the whole process of interior design easy and fun for my clients. It is my goal to design spaces that reflect their taste and lifestyle."  ~Lauren Webb

Artist statement

“I don’t paint things; I paint the metamorphoses between things. I am less interested in myself as a subject. I have never painted a self-portrait. The observer? I am a painter who paints art of weighing scale. My effect is to deepen the mystery and leave it. Whoever wants to know something about me should look carefully at my art.” ~Lauren Webb